Program Offerings

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The ANA Leadership Institute™ programs are designed using a collaborative, problem-based learning model that incorporates best practices and the knowledge and skill sets expected of nurse leaders. Each program offering is designed to improve outcomes based on competencies drawn from the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) Competency Library—an evidence-based process for tailoring competencies most relevant for leadership development at different stages of a career trajectory.

Review the products and programs below that will build your nursing leadership skills.


New! 10 Steps to Becoming a Successful Nurse Manager

Nurse managers have a critical role in managing the delivery of safe, high-quality, efficient nursing care. But oftentimes nurses are promoted into managerial roles and aren't taught the skills needed to succeed in those roles.

This course is designed to help nurses understand a nurse manager's responsibilities along with what it takes to succeed in the role. Learn more »

Diversity Matters: Create an Inclusive Nursing Culture that Leads to Better Outcomes

Now Available on Demand!
Diversity plays an important role in how you interact with your colleagues and patients. It requires a greater understanding of a variety of cultures in order to provide high-quality care across settings.

Knowing how to work within a culturally diverse nursing workforce is essential to meeting the health care needs of the nation and reducing the health disparities among minority populations. Learn more »

New! Ethical Challenges Facing Nursing Leaders: Your Path to Success

Strong ethical competence is essential for nurses to successfully deliver and maintain superlative patient care. And yet, as a nurse leader, you are expected to address and resolve a myriad of ethical challenges all day, every day, without proper guidance and education. Learn more »

Interprofessional Teams: How to Build Lasting Partnerships Across the Organization

Now Available on Demand!
According to the Institute of Medicine, in its 2011 report titled The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health, "Developing effective teams is critical to achieving care that is patient-centered, safer, timelier, and more effective, efficient, and equitable". It is clear that how care is delivered is as important as what care is delivered. Take the first step in learning how to build and leverage an interdisciplinary team that embraces a collaborative practice to improve the quality of care and patient outcomes. Learn more »

Leadership Acumen Series

Discover how to sharpen your leadership acumen and increase your impact on the current health care environment with this on-demand program of five webinars. Take charge of your professional development by registering for the one or the entire series of webinars today.

    Strategic Thinking
    Results Orientation
    Leading People
    Personal Leadership
    Unleashing Innovation and Creativity

Leadership Guides and Publications

Ideas Into Action Guidebooks
Written for practicing nurse managers and nursing executives who are concerned with their professional development and that of others/their staff. Each guidebook in this series gives specific advice on how to solve a leadership problem and successfully handle developmental challenges. Review the full reach of the series and how it can assist you with your management skills. Order your guidebooks today.

    Adapting to Organizational Change
    Adaptability: Responding Effectively to Change
    Building Resiliency: How to Thrive in Time of Change
    Responses to Change: helping People Manage Transition

ANA Leadership Package
Be sure to add these three popular ANA titles, packaged together, to help you develop as a leader, visionary, expert, and mentor. The three guide books are for any RN having oversight of services or staff across all practice settings. Click here to order these guides for your professional library. The package includes:

    Nursing Administration Scope and Standards of Practice (newly revised)
    Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nurses and Nursing
    Scope and Standards of Practice

Managing Change Series

Gain the skills and knowledge needed to manage change and lead others through change. Register now for these on-demand courses that provide strategies, case studies and access to experts in the field to assist you in navigating and managing ongoing changes in your profession.

    Develop a Resilient Team
    Create a Culture of Excellence

Navigating Change Series

Gain the skills and knowledge needed to manage change and lead others through change. Register now for these on-demand courses that provide strategies, case studies and access to experts in the field to assist you in navigating and managing ongoing changes in your profession.

    Navigate and Negotiate Conflict
    Prime Yourself for Change
    Transform Your Influence – Become a Holistic Nurse Leader

Self-Paced Courses

With our new self-paced leadership courses, you are in control of your development. Spend as much time as you need on each course module without the confines of a class structure, due dates, or specified course sequencing. Check out these courses, all designed to strengthen your leadership effectiveness and increase your confidence as a leader.

    Agile Decision-Making
    Moral Courage
    Mentor and Coach Others
    Becoming a Transformational Leader
    Build & Sustain Collaborative Relationships
    Problem Solving Using Informatics and Evidence
    The Art and Science of Project Management
    Motivate & Develop Others
    Develop and Refine Your Leadership Style
    Fostering High Performance (new)

Values-Based Leadership: Creating a Culture of Ownership

Now Available on Demand!
What is an ownership culture and why is it important to nurses? It is critical to the future of health care that organizations create a culture of ownership where nurses feel empowered to go beyond their normal daily activities. Learn more »

Different formats are incorporated into the design such as simulations, group problem-solving, and real-time coaching sessions to strengthen the collaboration and communication skills needed by nurse/nursing leaders to ensure the following outcomes depending upon the courses selected.

  • Professionally lead and inspire innovation.
  • Execute strategies to optimize performance.
  • Think critically and communicate effectively.
  • Collaborate with integrity and professionalism.
  • Lead organizational change.
  • Create an organizational climate that promotes personal and professional growth.